Camp Milson

A place well away.

Camp Milson is a handcrafted haven on the shores of Flathead Lake, where currents of family, pride and tradition run deep. A place well away from the distractions of everyday life, with a spirit as clear as the water. Built by local architects, artists and artisans, the property embraces the natural wonder of Montana. Every room, every piece, every view tells a story about the people and materials that make this special place unlike any other.

We worked with the owners to build a brand that reflected their passion for the property and its potential. The story is an invitation to turn off the clock, make your own time and spend more of it with family and friends. The logo and visual identity celebrate the location’s magical union of land, water and sky, with a special nod toward the owners’ family and heritage. It’s a brand that says come gather round.

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